Archaeological Area

The archaeological area encircles the site in which the oldest traces of settlement lie; the first settlement of the hill can be dated to the beginning of the 11th millennium B.C. An Etruscan presence in the eighth century is confirmed by the first buildings: a small sanctuary, later enlarged in the fourth century when the city was built inside imposing walls. The romanization of the hill during the first century B.C. is evident within the archaeological area – in the theatre, thermal baths and the new temple, built on the ruins of the previous one. These buildings fell progressively into ruin between the fourth century A.D., when the city entered into a serious economic crisis later exacerbated by Fiesole’s involvement in the Greco-Gothic war in the sixth century. Finally, at the very end of the sixth century, Fiesole was occupied by the Lombards, traces of whom may now be seen in the archaeological museum.


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