The Chapel of San Jacopo is the ancient oratory of the Bishop’s palace. It was built by Jacopo il Bavaro (1027-1039) in the ambit of a building which was later enlarged, transformed and adjusted several times. The oratory already existed in this form – more or less – since the 1300’s. In the early decades of the 1400’s, a representation of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary among the saints and angels was frescoed on the front wall. Bishop Francesco Cattani da Diacceto, who is buried there, under a beautiful tombstone, further transformed the oratory in the 1500’s. Finally, in 1849, the restoration of the oratory was completed by Monsignor Francesco Bronzuoli. On an interior tombstone, reference is made to the chapel, “which was in ruins due to weather and negligence,” and its total renovation, “which through the remarkable skill of painter Antonio Marini, brought to light the antique images covering the walls.” The fresco depicting l’Apostolo Jacopo il Maggiore in the central lunette must be attributed to him. The fresco, signed and dated in 1853, replaced Nicodemo Ferrucci’s fresco from the late 1500’s. In addition, two small windows with iron bars, that had been hidden by a thin wall, were uncovered and restored at this time.


The Chapel of San Jacopo can be visited by appointment.
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