Approaching the building in piazza Mino from Florence, the visitor first sees the right-hand wall. Built in the typical basilica layout, it was constructed by Bishop Jacopo il Bavaro in 1028 and extended in the 13th Century. The bell tower has an inscription at the base dated 1206 but its present aspect comes from twentieth Century renovation work.
The cathedral is dedicated to Bishop Romulus, martyr, who founded the church in Fiesole. Major renovation works began in 1878 on the inner and outer walls which gave the façade the neo gothic look it has today.
Excavations in the crypt, which were completed in 1990, revealed a continuity of life from the Hellenistic period up to the 14th Century. The interior of the church is markedly Romanic and thus similar to S. Miniato al Monte. It has three naves, separated by stone columns, each different from the next, with splendid capitals. The cathedral and its chapels house a number of prestigious works such as the frescoes by Cosimo Rosselli, sculptures by Mino da Fiesole and panels by the Ghirlandaio school. Furthermore, the high altar has a splendid polyptych by Bicci di Lorenzo and a canvas by Baccio Maria Bacci.


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