At first, in the 1200s, there was a chapel on this site that was built by a family from Fiesole. Subsequently, a number of Florentine ladies – the “Romite” – moved there and used it as a convent. At the dawn of the 15th century, Bishop Andrea Corsini renovated and extended the earliest convent, called Santa Maria del Fiore, and gave it to the minor friars.
The church and convent complex is in a dominating position, overlooking the Mugnone valley to the west, and occupies the ancient Etruscan rock.
There is a remarkable fifteenth Century cloister with a well, and another smaller cloister from the fourteenth Century. The church itself boasts an “Annunciation” by Raffaellino del Garbo. A number of 15th Century cells may be visited. The convent houses the Franciscan Missionary Museum, which contains an Egyptian and a Chinese collection put together by the missionary fathers to those lands.

Via San Francesco, 13

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