Conserved and exhibited inside the Bandini museum is the collection of paintings and pottery of the cleric Angelo Maria Bandini. He was born in Florence in 1726 and died in Fiesole in 1803. Bandini was a passionate collector of books and a well read author of numerous publications. He was a member of many academies and was a librarian first at the Marucelliana library and then at the Medicea Laurenziana library of Florence. After having lived in Florence, in 1795 he acquired and subsequently restored the small Sant’Ansano complex on the hills of Fiesole. Here he set up his museum. Bandini died in 1803, leaving his rich collection to the Bishop and Chapter of Fiesole. It is a collection built with the intention of documenting, in a few fundamental lines, the history of Florentine and Tuscan painting between Medieval and Renaissance times. Following the death and burial of Bandini at Sant’Ansano, the collection went through a difficult period. With some insistence by those safeguarding the collection, who were worried about the state of the works, it was decided to dedicate the collection to a new museum. This new museum, close to the Roman Theatre, was named “The Bandini Museum” and opened in 1913 in a new building, designed by the architect Castellucci. In the years to come, there were many revisions to the exhibition and after a great amount of restoration and redevelopment, the museum was also enriched with many works that came from the vast territory of the Diocese.


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