Civic Archeological Museum

The Civic Archaeological Museum was built in 1878 and was initially located in the “Palazzo Pretorio” where the administration of the city hall is currently located. Three small rooms hosted the archaeological findings from that period’s excavation of the Roman theatre. Subsequently, with the complete recovery of the Roman theatre and the Roman spas, the archaeological area became more and more defined and an increasing number of findings were brought to light; therefore, a bigger museum with five rooms was built in proximity to the Roman theatre, where the museum is still located. The museum, designed by architect Cerpi, with its classical style, hosted numerous local archaeological findings and donations. Due to the increasing number of archaeological findings from the Etruscan-Roman temple excavation as well as the acquisition of new historical details on Fiesole’s history, a new rearrangement of the museum was made in 1981. A new floor was added and the archaeological findings were reorganized into two separate sections: the ground floor exhibits findings from Fiesole and its territory while the upper floor hosts the collections. An additional increase of the exposition area was finally made in 1997 with the full reconstruction of the Lombard tomb and the display of numerous findings from more recent archaeological excavations.


Via Portigiani, 1

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