Yoga and meditation in the magic aura of Fontelucente at Villa Emy

Fontelucente was known from the ancient times for its waters that surged from stone and were highly attractive for the performers of religious and pagan rituals, as it is also shown in the works of Poliziano.The Oratory of the Most Holy Crucifix was built in 1692 in the surroundings of the fountain, as a home for the pilgrims who came to Fiesole for the well-known miraculous properties of those waters.

Villa Emy was built on the vestiges of the ancient caravansary of the oratory and has maintained its original structure, with the 20 small rooms where modern pilgrims are hosted.If you want to feel like pilgrims/guests/learners and live a unique experience, leave away all your worries and trust yourselves to Emy Narbone and her courses on nutrition, meditation, yoga and body care.