A few kilometres away, on twin hills overlooking Florence, is Fiesole, an ancient Etruscan city famed for its healthy atmosphere and the presence of people from all over the world. Nestled above a hillside of olives and cypresses, Fiesole strikes the visitor as both rather special and rich in culture.
Here visitors can enjoy its most typical products, wine and oil.

City sightseeing

The new tour, connecting Florence with Fiesole. Ideal itinerary for relaxing after the bustle of the city and to admire the magic of the sunset over Florence.


The archaeological area, the Civic Museum and the Bandini Museum, which contains the beautiful paintings of the thirteenth and fourteenth century, and terracottas of Della Robbia.

Via degli Dei

One of the major attractions in the Apennines: trekkers and bikers run through this beautiful itinerary that leaves Bologna and gets to Florence, passing through Fiesole.

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