The landscape as a hotbed of culture and creativity

With the Thought route visitors will be guided through places of knowledge and learning, hubs of contemporary culture at both the local and international levels. In addition to appreciating thehistorical and architectural value of these places,visitors will learn about the history ofthe illustrious figures who have lived there.

Pietro Porcinai Archive

Words, pages, projects, letters, documents, studies on landscape, art, botany, history, philosophy and sciences—this is the richness of the Pietro Porcinai Archive. A treasure chest preserving the multitude of works of the landscape architect himself (1910-1986).

Giovanni Michelucci Foundation

The Giovanni Michelucci Foundation was established in 1982 thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Michelucci, a prominent figure in 20th-century Italian architecture, with the support of the Tuscany Region and the municipalities of Pistoia and Fiesole.

Primo Conti Museum

Visiting the Primo Conti Museum means getting to know the personal artistic journey of the painter Primo Conti (1900 – 1988), a prominent artist of the 20th century and a relevant figure of the Futurist movement.

Espresso Coffee Academy

The Espresso Coffee Academy is a place where history, culture and science meet to offer a spectacular and immersive experience that will allow you to know, immerse yourself and explore the complex and fascinating world of espresso coffee.

Villa Le Balze

In Via Vecchia Fiesolana, known for its wonderful and picturesque panoramic views, you will find Villa Le Balze, another symbol of Fiesole.

Bandini Museum

If you’re a lover of medieval painting, the Bandini Museum is a must-visit destination. The museum exhibits artworks from the Florentine-Tuscan school that belonged to the 18th Century canon from whom it takes its name, Angelo Maria Bandini (Fiesole, 1726 – 1803).

Episcopal Seminary

The Episcopal Seminary, an institution that hosts priests and seminarians, has been one of the most important educational and cultural structures in the Fiesole area, and one of the earliest in the Tuscan landscape.

Villa la Torraccia

In via delle Fontanelle, near the Convent of San Domenico, you can admire Villa La Torraccia, which is now home to the prestigious Music School founded in 1974 by Maestro Piero Farulli (1920-2012), an internationally renowned musician.

Church and Convent of San Domenico

Among the most important historical landmarks of Fiesole, you will find the Church and Convent of San Domenico. The complex was built between 1406 and 1435 and it’s located in the homonymous district on the outskirts of the Municipality of Fiesole, near to the Municipality of Florence.

Badia Fiesolana

The Badia Fiesolana is one of the most important places in the city of Fiesole, not only for its historical-architectural value but also because it houses the European University Institute, one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the area.

Church of Santa Maria Primerana

The Church of Santa Maria Primerana presents one of the oldest places of worship in the Fiesole area, as evidenced by the earliest records dating back to the 10th Century. Built on a site where an ancient temple once stood, it underwent medieval extension works that led to the construction of the Gothic presbytery.

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