The landscape that dances between nature and artifice

The route linked to harmony seeks the connection between the natural landscape and the built environment.. It will allow visitors to see and walk throough those constructed places whose forms are in perfect balance with the surrounding nature; places that satisfy the need for escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban center while simultaneously regenerating the bond with nature.

Ontignano Waterfall

For nature lovers, the Ontignano waterfall is a must-visit destination. Its extraordinary landscape setting allows you to spend moments contemplating nature, although not far from the city. The waterfall is fed by the Sambre, a stream that rises from Mount Fanna in the locality of Le Pozzole at 530 meters of elevation.

Villa Peyron

Looking at Villa Peyron, you will perceive a sense of harmony between artifice and nature, a place identified by a symbiotic relationship between the natural landscape and built environment.

Florence War cemetery

Florence War Cemetery, located between the banks of the Arno River and Via Aretina, is a place of peace and remembrance in memory of the 1,637 servicemen who died during the liberation campaign of Italy between September 8, 1943, and April 25, 1945.

Monumental Tree

The beauty of the city of Fiesole is also renowned for its natural elements of landscape value. The centuries-old cypress, whose scientific name is Cupressus sempervirens L,is one of these.

Church of San Jacopo al Girone

The Church of San Jacopo al Girone, located in the homonymous hamlet of the Municipality of Fiesole, is another place of worship on the harmony itinerary, as it perfectly balances the natural environment and urban landscape.

Tabernacle of Poggerello

The tabernacle “del Ghirlandaio”, previously known as “del Poggerello,” “del Vannozzi,” or “del Mercante,” as described in the Fiesole guide by Il Del Rosso (1846), is depicted as follows: “[…] one encounters the remains of a famous tabernacle, composed of beautiful stone-carved ornaments: it was commissioned by Andrea di Nofero de’ Romoli, associated with the houses of this distinguished family, and was brightly painted by the renowned Ridolfo Ghirlandaio”.

Maiano’s farm

The Maiano farm is a place where nature, culture, and history come together in perfect harmony, a place for those who love to immerse themselves in a bucolic dimension and experience educational and relaxing moments in harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Church of San Giuseppe Artigiano

The Church of San Giuseppe Artigiano, built between 1965 and 1966 in Montebeni, represents the last work of architect Raffaello Fagnoni.

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