Discover the most suggestive places that tell he story of the Fiesole territory by following the paths offered by of the Widespread Museum: Gaze, Thought, Origin, and Harmony.

These four itineraries allow you to immerse yourself in the history and captivating beauty of art and the of the city of Fiesole.

Choose your landscape!

Landscape 1


The landscape blends with the horizon

Historical and artistic beauties, with panoramic viewpoints, serve as privileged places for admiration and contemplation.

Landscape 2


The landscape as a hotbed of culture and creativity

A journey to visit cultural sites and research centers housed in prestigious buildings, to learn about works and scientific discoveries of renowned figures.

Landscape 3


The landscape that reveals its history

On the trails of architecture in Pietra Serena to recreate the historical and artistic identity of the local community.

Landscape 4


The landscape that dances between nature and artifice

The perfect harmony and connection between nature and the built environment in Fiesole has been summarized in the words of Edith Wharton, from her book ‘Italian Villas and Their Gardens’: ‘the perspective, the architecture, the furnishings, the trees used as architectural elements, the terrain as a theatrical setting, the waters as the most docile and many-sided scenic possibility.


The Widespread Museum arises from the outcomes of a participatory process, called “Together with Fiesole”, and the involvement of socioeconomic operators in the Fiesole area carried out by the Fiesole Municipal Administration since the early months of 2021.

After an initial phase of listening to socioeconomic operators, it consisted in the realization of an intense co-design and co-creation phase with the stakeholders. This collaborationallowed to ouline a strategic framework for revitalize the territory, summarized through three guidelines:

  • Strengthen the territory’s identity through the enhancement of its artistic, historical, architectural, and archaeological excellences;
  • Differentiate the tourist offer and promote a widespread reception system;
  • Develop networks and synergies among actors of territory, encouraging a collaborative and integrated approach between different sectors.